another home inspector will charge me less

Ask yourself a question when it comes to choosing a qualified home inspector; Do you want the cheapest or the best?  We have spent many years developing our inspection services, our reporting styles, our knowledge base and gaining a LOT of experience along the way.  You are purchasing an expert and an advocate on your behalf.  

The purchase or sale of a home is a big deal.  Should a problem arise, we will be there.  Choose a qualified home inspector with LOCAL experience, a client-focused philosphy and a long record of accurate, complete inspections.   

we offer a variety of home inspection services: 

Providing valuable knowledge to Home Buyers before finalizing the home purchase.  

Stand out from the crowd.  Having a Comprehensive Home Inspection before listing your home can give you the edge.  


Let us evaluate your new home before your builder is complete, giving you the power to correct any issues before they become a long-term problem. 


Complete a thorough home inspection before your Builder's Warranty expires.  


An inexpensive but valuable tool for inspecting your home's major systems.  We can provide your insurer with a 4-Point Inspection Letter the same day.  

 not all home inspectors are created equal. 

 Choose an inspector with experience.  We have performed more than 7000 home inspections and have construction and engineering  backgrounds.  We have seen it all and understand the issues a homeowner can face.  Let us provide you with PEACE of mind.  

we know You have options for who you entrust with your home inspection; whether buying, selling or maintaining your current home.  choose the best!

Our experienced Home Inspectors provide an unbiased, thorough evaluation in a detailed, checklist with narrative style report including photos.  Our goal is to ensure the structure and components of a home are safe and operating as intended.  If problems are found, your report will include information on the issue or potential issue and may include recommendation for further evaluation or correction. 

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual evaluation of the structure and components of a home.  We will inspect/evaluate structural elements, exterior elements, roofing, plumbing and electrical, heating and cooling systems, interior elements, insulation and ventilation, built-in appliances, attached garages.  We adhere to the Standards of Practice of the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensing Board.  An overview of what we inspect can be found here

home inspection services

age factors: 

The older the home, the more complex the inspection becomes.  Our pricing takes in to account the age of a home.  Older homes have many years worth of repairs, replacements, settling, damage and so on to evaluate, report on and recommend for further action.  

But the home has been remodeled?

Example: The home was built in 1952 but has been "fully remodeled."  Fully remodeled is a bit of a subjective statement.  

Has the home been gutted to the studs? Has ALL electrical and plumbing elements been replaced?  Were the kitchen and baths gutted and replaced with fixures, features and flooring? 

1) We can not determine these questions without performing a comprehensive home inspection. 

2) Most likely, the home has been updated but original elements still exist.  As your home inspector, it is our duty to evaluate and report on ALL materials and installation methods used.  In older homes, there may be decades of varied installation practices and materials that were once commonly used but may now be considered obsolete. 

Complete Inspections of older homes, regardless of the extent of current renovations, are typically more complex than newer homes.

how much does a home inspection cost? 

The complexity of providing a comprehensive Home Inspection Report varies by a number of factors, including: 

  • Age of the Home*
  • Foundation Type; Slab, Crawl Space, Basement, Pilings. 
  • Square Footage of the Home and Attached Garage. 

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