insurance and 4-point major systems inspections

An inexpensive but valuable tool.  

Many Homeowner's Insurance Companies periodically require a 4-Point Inspection in order to
provide or renew coverage
Our professional Inspectors can complete the inspection and submit the report with photos to your insurance agent or underwriting, usually on the same day.   A 4-Point Inspection is also a great tool for homeowners who may not want a full inspection but rather an overview of the home's major (and usually most costly!) systems. 

What is Included in a 4-Point Inspection: 

ROOF: An evaluation of the roof materials, visible damage and overall condition.  

ELECTRICAL: Visual inspection of the type of electrical system, obvious safety issues and overall condition. 

PLUMBING: Overview of the plumbing components and materials and overall condition.  

HVAC: Type, approximate age and overall condition and operation of the Heating and Cooling Systems.  

All major systems inspected with be included in a written report with photos that we can submit directly to your insurance agent or underwriter. Our clients will also receive a copy of our findings and photos.