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Why can't I use a home testing kit?  

There are several reasons we would advise against using a home testing kit verses a Qualified Mold Screener
(even if that person is not us!): 

  1. Home Kits are notorious for not providing usuable results:  
    Most kits consist of a petri dish that is placed in the home for a period of time.  Anything can happen to the "test" during this timeframe. Further, many of the lab results state simply whether or not mold exists.  This information is essentially useless in determining what type of mold exists, at what level(s), if there a clear and immediate health danger and how best to remediate.  

  2. An Experienced Screener will provide an EVALUATION in addition to proper screening, sampling and labratory analysis:  A qualified mold screener has knowledge in "what to look for" as it relates to possible mold issues. 
    Their previous experiences can be invaluable in providing you with a course of action, should there be a mold issue.  

  3. You get what you pay for.  A Do-It-Yourself mold testing kit is only as good as the equipment and experience of the user.  
    A qualified mold screener uses equipment designed specifically to perform an indoor and outdoor air sample.  In addition, they have sterile sampling tools to perform swab or tape samples, should they be needed.

BEWARE the FREE Mold Screening. 

If a company is offering a free or very low cost mold screening, ask if they also provide remediation. 
We DO NOT provide Mold Remediation.  We are an independent mold screener and have no financial interest in finding mold in your home.  

don't be "scared into" mold screening. 

We take issues of mold in your home seriously.  But if it very unlikely that no mold issues exist, we will not talk you in to a Mold Screening service. Using high pressure tactics when a Mold Screening was likely unnecessary is not how we do business. 
We ask you to educate yourself and call us, any time, with questions.  

the presence of mold in a home can cause health and structural issues.  

There are many types of molds and all types can create problems when they exist indoors.

Some mold types cause minor problems, such as mild allergic irritations, while others can cause major complications - especially in people with allergies, lung disease, weakened immune systems or asthma.  

If a home or structure has had leaks or moisture problems, there is an increased risk of active mold growth.  Some mold activity may not be visible or obvious.  

Mold Screening should be performed by a Certified Mold Screener utilizing proper screening equipment and lab services designed to analyze mold levels and types.  

mold screening

Independent Mold Screening Services.  We do not provide Mold Remediation.  
​Rest assured you are being provided unbiased results. 

contact us to discuss
your ​individual situation. 

If you have concerns about
possible mold issues, we are happy to answer your questions. 

Beware companies that offer Free or Low Cost Screening with
Remediation Services.

Remember, we do NOT provide remediation.  We have no financial interest
​in finding mold in your home.  We can provide unbiased answers. 

mold can also be an
​issue in your vehicle. 

Visit the link to learn more
​about mold issues present in vehicles. 

The Environmental protection agency has created a great resource

page with a variety of information of mold, issues, remediation and more.