the builder says I don't need an inspection.

You do.  Even the best home builders can have subcontractors that make mistakes.  

Let us provide an unbiased and thorough evaluation; pre-drywall and once the construction is completed.  

But the builder offers a warranty?

1) Wouldn't you rather discover issues for your Builder to fix before you move in? 

2) What is the Builder goes out of business? It does happen and can leave a homeowner in a difficult situation. 

3) What if your Builder does not agree the issue is an issue?  Hashing out repairs or building problems after the home has closed can be stressful.  

4) What if you discover the issue after the warranty has expired?  Your builder may be under no obligation to make it right. 

isn't the home inspected by the city or county?

Your builder is required to meet minimum building codes set forth by the city or county.  But, that is all.  Building codes are the minimum allowable standards for safety and construction.  Building inspectors typically spend minutes at a property and are looking for just the areas required to meet those minimum codes.  

Building inspectors are not looking for the quality of construction or installation methods.  In addition, people make mistakes.  

A trained, licensed home inspector performs a systematic inspection and has the experience to know what to look for.

Your home inspector is an advocate on your side.   

FINal new construction inspections

Once the construction has been completed, let us perform a thorough home inspection.  A home inspection goes well beyond your final walk-through with your builder.  Just as if you were purchasing an existing home, we will provide an unbiased inspection and written report for the home, structure, systems and appliances to ensure safety, proper construction and functionality.  

Discover potential issues before closing on your new home.   

pre-drywall inspections

It is a wise investment to hire an experienced home inspector to perform an inspection before the drywall work begins.  This provides the ability for the home inspector to view the construction methods and materials, electrical and plumbing and more...before they are hidden.  Potential problems hidden by the drywall may become difficult, or impossible, to discover until a major issue happens months or years later.  

Don't be afraid of offending your builder.  Any reputable builder will stand behind their work, construction methods and materials.  Your new home is an important, and expensive, investment - let us help ensure things are progressing properly.   

Newly constructed homes can have problems. 

In addition to being licensed home inspectors, we have CONSTRUCTION and GENERAL CONTRACTING backgrounds. 

​We can perform a home inspection during two or more phases of the construction process to ensure your new home is your dream home.

new construction inspections

Pre-Drywall, All Phases and Final Inspections.