pool inspections

A pool can provide beauty & enjoyment to a home.  But repair & maintenance can be expensive.  Protect your most FUN asset!

Pools/Spas and their components do not fall within the scope of a home inspection.  
Pools and spas require evaluation by a specialized, experienced professional to ensure they are working properly and efficiently.

For those reasons, we have a relationship with a local, experienced and thorough pool inspector.  Pools and spas are what they do, and they do them well. 

Our Pool Inspector will inspect and evaluate: 

  • If the Pool/Spa is losing water.
  • If the leak is structural or within the plumbing.
  • Analyze the pump and filter.
  • Analyze the chemical feed system.  
  • Inspect the lighting and related electrical. 
  • Ensure proper electrical bonding. 
  • Inspect diving board to ensure compliance with current standards. 
  • Analyze all accessory equipment.
  • Perform a COMPLETE Safety Profile of the pool, deck and fencing. 
  • Inspect attached spas, waterfalls and water features. 
  • Analyze the pool/spa interior surface. 
  • Create a CAD Drawing of the pool. 
  • Provide details such as pool or spa gallonage, surface area.