The Same Microscope...

A Pre-Listing Inspection is the same Comprehensive Inspection and Report we provide to Buyers.  The elements, systems, functions and components are inspected in the same thorough manner.  

We can provide you a peek at what your potential Buyers will see from their home inspector, allowing you the chance to be prepared and help to seal the deal!

We can provide a Comprehensive, Pre-Listing Home Inspection to Homeowners ready to put their home on the market. 

Why get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection? 

Very few Buyers close on a home without consulting with a Home Inspector first.  Having your home Pre-Inspected can save you from surprises.  

  1. It allows you the opportunity to correct any issues with your choice of Licensed or Qualified Service Providers before you are under contract deadlines. 

  2. A Pre-Listing Inspection gives you knowledge about the true condition of your home, helping you and your Agent price it properly...and sell it faster. 

  3. A Pre-Inspected home provides transparency to Buyers.  This may make all the difference in their final decision.  They know what they are buying up front


a home inspection before you list your home can give potential buyers peace of mind... 

pre-listing inspections

Stand out from the crowd.