Some problems can hide in plain sight.  

Whether you have lived in the home for one year or one decade or are renting your property to a tenant, consider having a Full Home Inspection to have an unbiased, professional evaluation of the home.  

For Homeowners: Many homeowners may not understand that a "small nusance" could be causing MAJOR damage.  We can provide an evaluation of your home to determine if it is in need of maintenance repairs to protect from future issues or if the home has problems that you are unaware of.  Let us help you protect your largest investment.  

For Investors: Tenants may not be forthcoming with possible issues in the home and investors typically do not have regular access.  HIring a professional, trained inspector can give you an unbiased evalution of your investment properties to help you better maintain them protect your income!

A Pre-Warranty Expiration Home Inspection is a great tool to provide

Homeowner's with Peace of Mind in their investment! 

buying or selling are not the only times to have a comprehensive home inspection.  

A thorough home inspection BEFORE a Home Warranty expires can save Homeowner's from costly repairs or maintenance.  

Many Homeowner's buy a New Construction home with the intent to live in the home for years to come.  Once the Warranty Expires, most maintenance items and potential issues that could have been addressed under the Warranty are likely the responsibility of the Homeowner. 

Let us provide a Comprehensive Home Inspection before the end of your Warranty Period.  We will provide you a thorough, written report with photos addressing areas of concern, maintenance items and potential construction defects.  You will be provided with the knowledge and information needed to work with your Builder...before your Warranty Expires.  

pre-warranty expiration inspections & maintenance inspections

Get the knowledge before your Builder's Warranty expires.