Our Well Inspectors are the Cape Fear Region's BEST.  They provide our clients with a comprehensive well inspection to ensure proper functionality, stability and useage of their water wells.  

Coastal Carolina soils can be condusive to causing wells to crack, or even cave in, encasing the pump with sand or sediment and potentially rendering the well useless.  The repairs can be costly.  

Our Well Inspection Services Include: 

  • Determining adequate delivery of water volume. 
  • Bladder tank size evaluation. 
  • Evaluate the pump and its components and
    their functionality. 

  • Potential lead issues at the well head. 
  • Complete written report on condition of the well, its pump
    and systems, water volume, etc.  

Well inspections

Water wells are one of the most important systems of a home...and can be costly to repair.  

For more information on drinking water wells safety and concerns, visit the Environmental Protection Agency
water well information page