wood-destroying pest inspections

Coastal Carolina is home to a variety of wood-destroying pests that can cause MAJOR damage to a home. 

A Wood-Destroying Pest Inspection Report (WDIR) is required by most lenders.  
Let us coordinate your Pest Inspection Service to provide you with peace of mind.  
An evaluation by a professional, licensed pest control service is an important tool for ensuring there is no active infestation, that proper treatment has taken place, that conditions are not condusive to future infestation, and more importantly, there is not current structural damage.  Remember, wood destroying pest damage is rarely covered by Homeowner's insurance.

Our Pest Inspection Includes, if applicable: 

  • Visual inspection for present or past wood-destroying pest activity.
  • Visual inspection of the crawl space area and debris
    within the crawl space.
  • Wood moisture content reading.  
  • Reporting of conditions which may be condusive to future infestation.
  • ​Pests commonly report on Form WDIR 100 include; Subterranean termites,
    ​powder post beetles, old house borers and carpenter ants.

  • Our Pest Inspectors comply with the Form No. WDIR 100 Guidelines. 
  • Visit the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to learn more.